Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bearcats take over Daegu for the night!!

Most of my blog readers are from the Lander University community or know that Lander is how I got so involved in the Korea. In the summer of 2011 I was part of the first student delegation to visit Korea and the universities that Lander has agreements with. When I left Korea after those 5 weeks I knew I would return one day. The past two summers Lander has sent a delegation to China and Korea. I think those students have a special place in their hearts for Asia just as I did after my summer experience.
This years delegation just returned home after being in China and Korea. While in Korea they spent a couple of days in Daegu at Yeongnam University. As most of you know I live an hour outside of downtown Daegu. So last Friday (May 24) I went to meet up with the group at the YU campus. My heart was racing as I made my way out of the subway to be greeted by them. One of my good friends, Emily Ashley, was part of the group along with Jeff Constant, Director of Office of International Programs. It felt so good to have people from home in my new home. We spent a few hours at the YU student festival enjoying catching up and meeting the others that I did not know well. I am not the only Lander face here in the Far East right now. Eric Newman (Lander student) is studying at Yeongnam University and also teaching with the TaLK program. TaLK is what I would describe as the child of EPIK. They teach after school classes (15 hours a week) and half the pay. It is normally for students taking a semester of classes here in Korea. After spending time at the festival Eric and I decided it was time to take a few of the group members out in downtown Daegu for their last night in Korea.
It was so heart-warming to have friends here and get to show them what Korea is really like beyond the tourist side. While talking with the group I know most of them are considering studying here, doing their Masters here or coming here to teach after graduating. I know they will go back to Lander and share their experiences just as I did and encourage a whole new group of Bearcats to branch out and come to the East!!
I loved, loved, loved having friends here for the night!! Dont be a stranger, hop on a plane (for 14 hours) and come here!!!! It is worth it!! If you are not up for that I will see yall in August for 2 weeks!

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