Wednesday, 29 May 2013

a new semester... that took over half of it to update...

Ok, so it has been an extremely long time since I updated all of you on Korea. The snow has melted, we are now begging to turn on the air conditioning in our classrooms and we are itching for summer break.
So a quick update on my school life. My old co-teacher (that I co-taught 6th grade with and was NOT my favorite) was not replaced. I now teach grades 1, 2, 3 and 5 on my own. Grades 3 and 5 homeroom teachers stay in the classroom to help control but do not help with lesson. Grades 1 and 2 it is just me and the wild things. My great co-teacher that I am beyond thankful for is still here. I co-teach grades 4 and 6 with her. I am still teaching 21 classes a week. This semester seems to be a lot busier though. I have started actually learning the names of my students, mainly their Korean names too. Go me!!
             As I said above my co-teacher is amazing. She is great to work with but most importantly she is great on a personal level. For 3 weeks I had a very bad cold (upper respiratory infection and tonsillitis). She took me to the doctor twice and covered for me at school so I would not have to take days off. After rounds of antibiotics, shots and rest I was finally back to me.

             With winter finally disappearing we can now actually enjoy the evenings and weekends. During the winter the sun would set around 5:30, which barely left enough time to do anything productive in town after school. Now the sun is setting after 7:30. So that leaves me time to go running and to yoga. And still make it home in the last few minutes of light. As beautiful as the fall was in Korea the spring is providing just as much beauty. In April the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. They were gorgeous. The path a run by the river was covered with the trees. Talk about a beautiful run!! The spring weather also has provided us with entertainment on the water. One weekend my friends and I decided to join a team and participate in a Whale boat race. The boats were made for an 18-20 person team. The race was held in Ulsan and was a fundraiser for a womens shelter. Our team was a complete joke in the first race but the 2nd race we dominated. Another weekend my group of friends and I went paragliding. Yes, we basically ran off the side of a cliff and hoped for the best. It was great, but scary as everything. My stomach was in knots after we finally landed. I would do it again for sure.
     We recently had a festival here in Seongju. It was for the yellow melons (Chamae). It was the best festival I have been to here. it was a 4 day long event. Tons of food vendors, activities for kids, entertainment and even water bounce things in the river. It was a great weekend here in my melon valley.

             I suppose the most exciting news in the last couple of months is that I AM RESIGNING!!!! Yes, that is correct. I have decided my time in Korea is not going to end just yet. I will be here until August 2014!!! I will be visiting home this August for 2 weeks. That is after paying for a plane ticket that made my bank account go into depression! But I am very excited and anxious to see my family again!!

             But before I go home I will be going to Hong Kong for a long weekend (June 6-9). A friend and I kind of did it on a whim. We have Thursday off but are taking Friday to take advantage of having a chance to go. I am pumped to visit another country and experience what it has to offer. I know it will be a great get away.

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