Thursday, 17 January 2013

Birthday, Christmas, New Year... and everything in between

 Wow it has been an extremely long time since my last blog entry. It is not because I have not thought about it, it just takes a lot of time to sit down and put all of my thoughts together. I am still continuing to absolutely love my life here in Korea. In the last, well more than a few weeks, I have celebrated my 23rd birthday, celebrated Christmas, finished one semester of teaching and brought in the new year.

I could not have asked for a better birthday here in Korea. I celebrated it for a solid week since it was on a Wednesday (December 5th), I couldn’t pick a certain weekend to celebrate so my friends and I did both. The weekend prior to my birthday a few of us went to Daegu and did the normal routine for Daegu. We met up with two of our British guy friends. One has the same birthday as I do. On my actual birthday I went to Daegu for dinner and stayed with a friend. That night we had our first snow of the winter, I was really excited little did I know I would be sick of it in a few shorts days. On Friday the plan was for all of us girls to meet the British/South African guys in Seoul to celebrate the two birthdays.  We all woke up to a massive snow on Friday morning. So getting to Seoul was a long and slow process. But luckily we all made it and had the most amazing time ever. I can honestly say I will never forget my 23rd birthday because of all the greatness that Seoul brings.

That one snow was the first of 4 straight weeks with snow on Friday. Yes, it snowed everyday Friday for 4 straight weeks. And when I say snow I mean like 4-7 inches. Snow doesn’t play around in Korea.

The weekend prior to Christmas my large group of friends that I hung out with every weekend at the beginning of my time all gathered in Yeongdeuk at Micah’s for Christmas. We all brought a dish. I cooked cheese grits. It was a hit; many people had not ever had the privilege of having grits. Such a shame. It was great having everyone back together for a family style Christmas. It felt like we were all home for the weekend from college because Micah and his roommate to such good care of us. We got in late Friday morning because of the snow slowing travel down. Waking up really late to a home cooked breakfast and a day full of pj’s and eventually the dinner. It was a much needed relaxing weekend.

On actual Christmas Eve I went to Gumi to meet up with friends. We went to dinner at Seoga&Cook and then on to Corona to meet up with a couple others. It was a very different Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but was nothing less than wonderful.

My family sent me a ton of boxes full of presidents for my birthday and Christmas. It was very different opening them but yet it was joyous because I knew how much thought they put into the gifts, especially the ones with Reece cups, Ranch and warm clothes. My favorite gifts were LL Bean duck boots and flannel shirts. Never thought that would be what I would ask for but yes, I did. Much appreciate too!

For New Year’s the girls and I went to Busan. As normal we met up with a couple of the guys and brought in the New Year. It was a fun, crazy night. Never would have dreamed last year that I would be in Busan SK bringing in 2013. But I am so thankful that I got to and with the beautiful friends that I got to with.

Now on to school news. The semester has basically ended. It ended the Friday after Christmas. The students have off all of January. But yet most schools have English camp, luckily mine does not. So for the past 2 weeks I have been coming to school to “desk warm.” With EPIK I only get 10 vacation days off. So I have to come and take up space until my vacation begins. Unfortunately my school computer will not turn on, the other computers in my office won’t either. So I have been bringing my laptop everyday with shows and movies downloaded to watch. It is still crazy cold here, and my office is even colder. The heat doesn’t work well so it takes until afternoon for it to be bearable. Snow is still on the ground outside, the sun shines for doesn’t make it any warmer. It can be a bit depressing because it is freezing cold when I leave school. I just want to get home a quickly as possible and not leave until the next morning. I am so ready for spring weather. I can’t wait to go running. It is even too cold to go walking here for exercise. But, yes I still love this beautiful country. That is as long as I am somewhere with good heat.

When the students return in February and I under the impression that they come for 2 weeks then have Lunar New Year off for another two weeks. But I will have to come during that time too. But who really knows. One thing that is certain is on Saturday, January 19th, Kiwi (Laura from New Zealand) and I eave for a two-week vacation to Thailand and Cambodia. We will be going to Phuket and Bangkok and then on to Siem Reap and Phnom Pehn. Even though I have already been to Bangkok I am still excited to see Phuket. It is supposed to be one of the most gorgeous places in the world. Bangkok will be great again since it will not be as hot. High 80’s predicted. I could not be more excited to pour swear after having to wear 4 layers of clothes everyday since November. I don’t know much about Cambodia, but that just means more to learn and take in.  This is the first trip I have ever taken that I am paying for on my own. I feel so accomplished and proud to know It is because of what I did that got me there.

Hope everyone back home had a great Christmas and New Year’s!!
I will have a great blog entry with lots of pictures after my vacation… ahhh I am too excited to wear Norts, tshirts and Chocos!!!

Until next time from the land of rice, kimchi and too much snow!!!

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